The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate Academic Leave

Students in good standing who must interrupt their studies for adequate reason, such as sustained ill health or military service, may be granted a academic leave for a stated period, usually not to exceed one year.

An academic leave allows the student the opportunity to return to the University after a specified period of time. Students that request a leave for the current semester will be granted a term withdrawal for the current semester only. An additional request will need to be made if the student wishes to extend a leave into a future semester. A student who is attending a study abroad program not affiliated with CUA should request an academic leave from the University.

The dean of students notifies the students' academic dean, enrollment services, financial aid, housing services and residence life of this action. A residential student granted a academic leave or term withdrawal must also cancel their housing agreement with the Office of Housing Services. The Housing Cancellation Request form can be found here.

The University's Academic Leave policy for undergraduate students can be found on the CUA Policies website.

Students will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • CUA ID number
  • Permanent address and telephone numbers (home and cell numbers)
  • Campus Address
  • Reason for requesting the Academic Leave
  • Semester in which the Academic Leave will begin
  • Semester the student intends to return to the University. A student may request to take an Academic Leave for up to two semesters. Any requests for extended durations will need to be approved by the student's academic dean.

Mail, deliver, fax or email the completed form to the Office of the Dean of Students at the following address:

The Catholic University of America
Office of the Dean of Students
620 Michigan Ave., NE
Pryzbyla Center, Suite 353
Washington, DC 20064

Fax: (202) 238-2043


A student's academic leave or term withdrawal is not official until the student has received a formal confirmation from the dean of students.


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